Technical Support

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Automated Monitoring

Through this service, we can monitor the status of your PC or all the computers on your network for potential problems, such as:

  • Security threats and holes
  • Outdated software
  • Suspicious activity
  • Full hard drive

We offer this service to both individuals and businesses. The current charge is $10 a month, with an install fee of $20 for the first PC on the plan. Each additional computer is only $15 to install.

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PC Service and Repair

We service and repair just about any personal computer or laptop available on the market with these exceptions:

  • VMC is not authorized to service Apple products
  • No inkjet printers
  • No tablets
  • VMC is not authorized to perform warranty service for Dell. We can repair Dell computers, but the expense will not be paid by Dell corp.

We frequently replace screens, keyboards, and hard drives in laptops.

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Systems and Network Support

In the event that your computer or even entire computer system breaks down, we are able to create virtual machines for clients who are subscribed to our remote back-up services. What this means is that we can temporarily replace the broken computer or multiple computers in the system with our own computers. Thanks to the complete imaging technology provided by StorageCraft, we can configure the new machines to run just like your personal computer. Through the use of virtual machines we can have your computer system back up and running within hours after a problem is found.